Product Service

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The security of your customers, students or personnel depends on the reliability of your system. In the rare chance your product has sustained damage, is defective or isn’t in proper working order, call Trilogy Secured Services. We maintain a team of professionals that can properly service your product with minimal downtime. Our prompt, friendly team has the training and resources to pinpoint the existing problem and take the correct actions to get your security system fixed.

Product Repairs

Restoring your security system or product to full working order starts with a Trilogy Repair Professional. Our service members are well versed in all systems we offer. They can accurately and quickly diagnose a problem, making the necessary repairs to keep your organization protected.

Product Maintenance

Our maintenance program offers added protection for your facility through annual and semi-annual checks, testing and diagnostics of your system. Maintenance additionally prevents product failure and reduces downtime of your security system. You have enough to worry about already – let our team deliver the peace of mind in knowing that your security system is up and running 24/7.

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