About Trilogy Secured Services

Trilogy Secured Services is a family owned and operated company providing commercial security systems to clients throughout the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. For over nine years, we have continued to maintain a strong relationship with our clients, offering the latest products and systems custom tailored to meet their individual needs. Whether you are looking for a large scale keying system application or an individual lock, Trilogy has you covered.

With Trilogy Secured Services, clients receive small company attentiveness with large company capabilities from our “small but mighty” team. We understand that the right security system can mean a difference in the safety of people at your facility. From assisting you in selecting the right product for your security needs, to providing professional installation and training, we ensure our clients receive the most value out of their purchase.

Our diverse client base, large scale capabilities and prompt, professional service make Trilogy the company retail, education, government and commercial industries rely on for enhanced security systems. Find a solution that fits your needs today.